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Granite is an igneous rock, which means that it has crystallized and solidified from a hot liquid, similar to lava, that is formed from the melting of different types of rocks, mostly comprised of quartz and feldspar. Granite slabs are sliced into sheets from the earth’s surface which introduces the pattern throughout each slab.  If the pattern is consistent, it has a sense of flow or continuity. If the pattern is variegated with veining or movement, it highlights its one-of-a-kind grandeur.  It’s reputation as a high-end material expands its horizon to more than just kitchens.


Quartz (also known as “Engineered Quartz”) is made with over 93% natural quartz with polymer resins.  Therefore, sealing is not generally required that Natural Stone would need.  Its non-porous nature is heat-resistant, and provides a far higher resistance to staining, scratches, and bacteria growth.  Quartz has earned a reputation as an almost zero maintenance champion due to its performance.

Quartz provides symmetry to your kitchen counter tops, bathroom vanity tops, fireplace, shower walls, and an array of other applications.


Marble is an exquisite stone that embodies the beauty of nature. There are no two pieces of marble that are alike, each piece has its own uniqueness. With its beautiful veining and patterns, it is sure to capture attention in any application.

A durable, elegant countertop that will last a long time with proper maintenance, marble is an excellent choice. It is a very hard, durable stone. It is recommended that it be sealed with Stone 

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